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Jossip Juxtaposition: PETA waits for Karl Lagerfeld

Tom Cruise is going to be hiding under a couch instead of jumping on one when he hears this: Brooke Shields is expecting her second child in the Spring. Just to make Katie Holmes jealous, expect a non-silent birth with lots of screaming and tons of drugs. [The Scoop]

Karl Lagerfeld can expect an uninvited guest at tomorrow night’s Fendi party: the devil. His pals at PETA plan to protest by sending Satan (no, not Anna Wintour!) as part of their “Wear Fur and Go to Hell” campaign. [Lowdown]

• Is Paris Hilton ditching her bi-coastal wrath in America for the cloudy skies of London? She’s said to be shopping around for a new place, though given her tendency to globe hop, we’re sure she’ll be back at Spider Club by the New Year. [Radar]

• When Lenny Kravitz‘ neighbors say, “Oh, shit!,” they aren’t kidding. The rocker’s toilet backed up and caused damage to two neighbors’ apartments in his building. But they won’t have to put up with Kravitz’s crap much longer: he’s put his unit on the market. [Page Six]

Geraldo Rivera, who begins his new show Geraldo at Large on Monday, is watching his brother Craig tumble. The Inside Edition correspondent looked more like the celebrities he reports on when he got busted for DUI in San Francisco. [Page Six.

Lil’ Kim isn’t going to win a lot of friends in prison with her new CD. The Naked Truth blasts everyone from her co-defendants to the prosecutor that put her there. She’s just pissed none of her cellmates have knitted her a poncho yet. [NYDN]

• So much for Brad Garrett’s attempt to ride on the coattails of Ray Romano for the rest of his career. Though he alluded to a possible Everybody Loves Raymond spin-off at the Emmys, CBS isn’t too fond of the idea. [Fox 411]

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