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Jossip Juxtaposition: Paris Hilton Knows You Think She’s a Human Condom

August 4th, 2006

• Two little socialites driving to Marquee, the car stopped short, got hit by a taxi. Lydia Hearst bumped her head … should’ve gone to Bed instead. [Page Six]

• If Craft-y chef Tom Collichio had $15 Million, he’d resurrect CBGB. Even though nobody wants him to. [WWD]

Paris Hilton knows everyone thinks she’s a whore, but, really, she’s only slept with a few of her 100 boyfriends. And only made videos with one of them. [Page Six]

• See, it is possible to write for Glamour, even if you’re not also featured as a model on the back cover. [FBNY]

Cindy Adams prefers her 9/11 movies to come a little later and go a little faster. [Cindy Adams]

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