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Jiblets: SJP is $JP

• Maybe it was the drugs, maybe it was the threeway with Jude Law and Sadie Frost and maybe, well, it was more drugs like that fist-sized lump of coke she snorted with Naomi Campbell, but yes, Kate Moss is out of that H&M gig. Oh, but that’s not the news! Rather, it’s that now ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty was spotted snogging another man.

• There will be no Comeback comeback for Lisa Kudrow. HBO has canned her post-Friends effort because of other “commitments,” otherwise known as “shitty ratings.” But the “we don’t care about ratings” network can’t say that, of course.

Sarah Jessica Parker clocks in as Gotham’s highest-earning female with an estimated $38 million year (thanks, Gap!) followed by Kimora Lee Simmons (thanks, uh, Russell!).

Naomi Campbell is usually tearing worlds apart, but her Fashion For Relief charity catwalk brought together the feuding Tyson Beckford and Diddy, who shook hands and hugged. Though we didn’t see Diddy hand Tyson that $600,000 check he owes him.

• To go with the imagined Louis Vuitton toilet paper is this actual (yes, they really make this) Dior toothpaste cozy. (via)

• Party photog Patrick McMullan might not wind up with his own reality show, by his own accord. His talks with New Line cooled when he started assessing the potential legal issues, as in getting the A-list to sign even more releases.

• And don’t forget to attend the WYSIWYG show on Sept. 27 (that’s a week from today!). Catch Jossip’s editor David Hauslaib waxing on his worst roommate experience that, in all hopefulness, will pale in comparison to yours. Read David’s interview at The Precog Blog and purchase your tickets in advance here. And while we’re dropping gratuitous plugs, today is also David’s birthday, so let the gift baskets commence.

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