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Jiblets: Emma Watson pretends to be cool

• So what if Harry Potter star Emma Watson pretends to drink beer? When we were 15, “our friends” closed their eyes, threw their heads back, and the beer actually went down our, er, their throats. What a wuss. [Gawker]

• How could a show staring Julia Roberts not totally sell out its headline to her name? We mean, everything’s about Julia, isn’t it? [NYDN]

• Uh, this rumor has to be a lie, because it is actually impossible not to like Sarah Jessica Parker. [The Superficial]

• Those brave, brave dancers of the St. Catherine of Sienna School. They have now survived Hurricane Katrina and Britney Spears. [AP]

• The director of Katie Holmes‘ new movie finally realized what we knew all along … nobody wants to see her have sex. Not even her fake husband. [Access Hollywood]

Feb 28, 2006 · Link · Repond

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