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Glamour’s Blog Fashion Advice Will Make You a Better Person

June 8th, 2007

Hey teen girls who are not among Atoosa Rubenstein’s Alpha Kitties? You have so much to look forward to when you finish up a tony j-school degree and move up the rank and file of the magazine industry. You do know what you’re aspiring to be, right?


Says Glamour fashion something-slash-blogger Suze Schwartz:

“Bag snob, I mean slob”

OK I will admit it – I???m both. I love a great bag – Tod???s being my favorite, but I probably don???t deserve to be carrying one as I am the world???s biggest bag slob. I probably have 3 Metrocards for the subway and I can???t find any of them in the depths of my bag. And sadly, my under-eye cover up has destroyed the interior lining of the bag.

Did you know a Peruvian superstition says that if you put your bag on the ground you???ll lose money in the future? I do both all the time – who knew they were connected? The Purse Hook and the Joey Junior Purse Mate are both great solutions for a bag slob but I know I???d never use them – would you?

It’s mind-blowing just how much you can learn from this industry, such as how to be self-deprecating and learn that you’re soul is not pure enough to deserve a luxury material good, and how Peruvian superstitions offer great advice on how not to get street gum stuck to the bottom of your leather hobo.

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