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Google and Myspace hope widgets will take down Facebook

After losing Facebook to Microsoft, Google has teamed with MySpace to develop a standard platform for third party developers called OpenSocial.

Small programmers will be able to create single application that will work on Orkut and MySpace, as well as smaller networking sites like Bebo, LinkedIn and Friendster.

Google is putting their money into the wrong technology. A cross-platform application that collects relationship status updates from all the social networking sites would be a lot more exciting than a universal Scrabble app.

Nov 2, 2007 · Link · 1 Response

• As if nothing could get worse than PopoZao, Kevin Federline threatens to take it all off. [MSNBC]

• Aww, Charlie Gibson becomes a grandpa. We didn’t hear Cindy Adams predict that one. [Mediabistro]

• Aren’t cute girls supposed to want to drive celebs around for free? Yeah, Nick Lachey has to pay up — 50 bucks to be exact. Guys, we swear, he’s not a loser. [TMZ]

Marc Jacobs???????? boyfriend has a Friendster profile that is about him; unlike everything else he does, which is about Marc. [A Socialite’s Life]

Russell Crowe????????s no name wife is having a baby. We hope it doesn’t grow up and get a job at SoHo Grand. [Star]

• Today is just full of announcements! Finally, Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton can stop pretending not to know each other. [People]

Mar 14, 2006 · Link · Respond

The last Natalie Reid Friendster count, conducted by Jossip on February 8, showed that the Friendster since October 2005 had a whopping zero friends.

But one photo with David Lee Roth, and this chick is climbing up the fake friends ladder faster than you can say Faux Par. Such a small part of us feels like this bizarre tale would make a great New York magazine article for David Amsden … (sigh) … if only she was four years younger.

Natalie Reid’s Friendster Profile
Earlier Be fake Paris Hilton’s Friendster

Mar 2, 2006 · Link · Respond

Ok, a little part of us did die upon deciding to follow a story that will likely end with Fashion Week. (It was the part of us that used to say “there’s a limit to F-List coverage.”) But something about Fake Paris Hilton has us coming back for more.

It just feels JT Leroy-esque or something. Troubled young teen Natalie Reid dresses up like Paris, and the crazy fashion media people follow her around, increasing the delusion of her non-existent fame? It’s awful!

Come on, Faux-Par was still being allowed to traipse around Fashion Week? Not to mention she’s having intentional nipple slips on the carpet? We were like “what up with this freak show,” so, of course we delved into the fascinating word of her Friendster blog.

Apparently, she has some semi-serious problems, included being depraved of love, battling eating disorders, and being traumatized by sickos who expose themselves on the Lower East Side.

The teen turning woman prose are kind of scary and a little sad (which is probably why she has no Friendsters). We would like to say that there isn’t much hope of this one getting on the bloggirl Z-List, but she was a stripper, and she has a blog … who knows? Next month she might be drinking champagne with Miu Von Furstenberg at the Soho Grand.

Donatella Versace Stomps on Marc Jacobs [Open All Night]
Natalie Reid’s Friendster Blog
Earlier: Be Fake Paris Hilton’s Friendster

Feb 8, 2006 · Link · Respond

Despite Paris Hilton impersonater Natalie Reid’s Strawberry Shortcake inspired “lets be friends!” plea, the Friendster member since October ‘05 has, um, no friends in her network.

We couldn’t think of anything more humiliating than having zero friendsters. Except for having a picture of yourself all Parised out on your profile. It’s after the jump, kids, along with the link to become her first online friend.

In case you are feeling like a kind-hearted person today. Which obviously, we are not.


Feb 8, 2006 · Link · Respond

• “Mother Nature” as Time’s Person of the Year? First they change it from Man of the Year, now it’s Whatever The Fuck Goes of the Year. [Reuters]

• Meanwhile, I Want Media is searching for its own “Media Person of the Year,” so while we’re bending categories, why not name [I Want Media]

• Why you would ever be intersested in what’s going on at CBS News behind the camera will forever confuse us, but thanks to these new things called blogs, every newsroom is your newsroom. [LAT]

• Friendster, having quickly lost out on the “cool social networking site” race, is looking to unload itself on an unsuspecting, deep pocketed mogul. []

• Desperate to stay relevant after his ouster at CNN, Aaron Brown says he’d gladly plop down in the anchor chairs at CBS or ABC, so long as they Febreeze Peter Jennings‘ old seat to get rid of that smokey smell. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Nov 15, 2005 · Link · Respond