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Fabian Basabe: Socialite, Reality Star, Writer?

July 18th, 2006

AM New York sex columnist and blogger Julia Allison – who also busies herself byling for Cosmopolitan, and then writing about her boss’ book for AMNY – did as she always does when her bevy of women’s mags arrive in her mail slot: opens them up, flaps them around so the mailer cards flutter to the floor, and dives right in with an half-open pint of The Gobfather. But the August issue of Glamour had the unfortunate surprise that Gotham used to Already at the point of “It” boy extinction that not even Atoosa Rubenstein would open up her book to him, Fabian Basabe shows up in a five-page spread in Cindi Leive’s pages — which upset Allison enough. The kicker, however, was that Basabe didn’t just take over so many glossy pages of girly goodness. It’s that he wrote them himself.

Today, I innocently opened my August issue of Glamour, anticipating a lovely hour of procrastination perusing the usual ampersand-obsessed mix of “Fashion & Beauty,” “Health & Body,” “Dos & Don’ts” and the occasional “My Sister/Mother/Female Dog Had Cancer & Survived” piece.

And what did I get instead??


Fabian smiling. Fabian dancing. Fabian blowing out his birthday candles. Fabian dipping various long-maned women while simultaneously posing for photos (hello, he practices in front of the mirror at home!). Fabian wondering if his butt looks big in these jeans.

My first thought was “Oh god, they’ve done a puff piece on Failed Former Sorta-It Boys Who Might Be Gay and Also Maybe Not As Rich As They Insinuate They Are.” And then I saw it.

“It” being … Fabian’s byline. Fabian, apparently, is now a writer. Like every other New Yorker (except me), he’s “working on a novel” about his favorite subject. Um, Fabian, obvi?

Julia’s got the Glamour scans over at her blog, where we’ve been working hard to identify the tear stains.

Dear Glamour Editor/Fabian’s Lit Agent, Have You No Shame?? [Julia Allison]

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No. 1
Wen says:

Fabian is a self absorbed, petty little boy (girl?)

Posted: Jul 19, 2006 at 2:08 pm

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