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Comment Of The Day

As we write this, we???re looking out the window and salivating over the picture perfect weather outside, currently being wasted on lazy unemployed persons and pretentious NYU students. And so, for your sanity and ours, we???ve decided to kick off a glorious new feature called ???Comment of the Day,??? to provide a transient glimmer of entertainment for all you working stiffs who would much rather be downing margaritas poolside on the Jersey Shore (while fending off advances from married, guidos named Tony) than slaving away in your cubicles.

Today???s ???Comment of the Day??? comes to us from Best Week Ever, and it regards BWE’s serious, and completely open-ended question, namely: has anyone actually seen the Olsen twins’ parents, and—if not—are we sure they exist?

Fortunately, “bird” was on hand to answer this question, with all the free-versed hostility it deserves.

Writes our winner:

the father is on their e true hollywood story and looks like someone plopped a you???ve got mail era meg ryan shag on mary kate???s skull. you???d be well advised to drop the search unless you???re looking for new default boner suppressant. his existence is pretty unpleasant, even in theory. –bird

Congratulations, bird! And for those of you who missed that particular episode of E! True Hollywood Story, be sure to check back five or so years and tune into the cable television premiere of Olsens: Where Are They Now?

*See any funny comments while surfing the internets? If so, email us and check back to see if your COTD entry makes the cut.*

Jun 13, 2007 · Link · Repond

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