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Caught! Graydon Carter, With the Camel Light, Outside the Fashion Tent

Oh, Graydon Carter, say it ain’t so! The head of Vanity Fair, who is known as much for his risque mag covers as for his decision to kick his smoking habit, is the target of Radar’s stalker-ish gossip for the day. And it seems that dear old Graydon is puffin’ away once again.

After making a glorious stink about finally giving up his habit, the be-winged Canadian was recently caught puffing a Camel on his way out of the Diane von Furstenberg show at Bryant Park.

“He just put it in his mouth like he was waiting for everyone to start snapping pictures,” says an onlooker. “It was like a photo op.” Perhaps he was trying to make a statement; after all, even after quitting, Carter remained one of the most vocal critics of the New York City smoking ban, which he derided as “asinine” and quasi-fascist.

The item also hints that Graydon could be smoking again in order to drop the weight he’s gained sice quitting. But he really should know by now — come on, he’s even at Fashion Week — if you wanna drop the pounds, blow’s definitely the only way to go.

Exploding Graydon Back on the Butts [Jeff Bercovici, Radar]

Sep 13, 2006 · Link · Repond

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