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Cable Quotables
Amy Fisher And Joey Buttafuoco Reunited???And It Feels So Good

May 25th, 2007

Thank God It’s (Finally!) Friday. With Memorial Day weekend just ahead, we’ve spent the bulk of our time daydreaming about barbecues and beach bums&mdash—and forgot to watch our favorite pundits battle it out on cable television. Thankfully, Intern Wendy had far more restraint, hence today’s (almost) weekend edition of Cable Quotables.

• ???It’s kind of like finding out there’s no Santa Claus. I’ve been drinking those Rocky raw egg cocktails since I was a kid. Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.??? Dan Abrams, traumatized by rumors of Sylvester Stallone’s ‘roid rage, Scarborough Country, May 21

• ???No, Wal-Mart is a huge, huge thing. They have some of the cheapest fishing tackle in America.??? Tucker Carlson, a sucker for the giant yellow smiley face, Tucker, May 21

• ???I mentored with Zamfir, master of the pan flute. I don’t like to talk about it.??? Anderson Cooper, on his hidden musical talent, Anderson Cooper 360, May 22

• ???It???s like a cupid shot them right in the face, I mean, the heart, the heart, right in the heart.??? Cecily Knobler, on lovebirds Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco, Scarborough Country, May 23

• ???Should I feel responsible since it started over Al Gore???s experience on this show???? Larry King, taking the credit blame for the Rosie O???Donnell/Elisabeth Hasselbeck fight, Larry King Live, May 23

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