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Bob Barker, The Isiah Thomas Of Game Show Hosts?

A former employee of The Price Is Right is suing Bob Barker and CBS for wrongful demotion.

After testifying in a wrongful discrimination suit against Barker, Deborah Curling claims she was moved to an ???intolerable??? working environment back stage.

Hello, what could be intolerable about watching hundreds of people live their dreams by guessing the price of a can of SpaghettiO???s?

Curling, who is black, also claims that the show was hostile to black employees and discriminatory to black contestants.

According to the lawsuit, “Barker created an atmosphere of terror on the show.???

Look, it???s in the rules of The Price Is Right that if your bid is over the retail price, you lose.

Oct 5, 2007 · Link · Repond

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