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Barry Diller Must Unload His Worst Performing Asset
And it’s not DVF

Is the Internet’s biggest gay married man looking to unload his Home Shopping Network? Analysts sure hope so!

With the stock of Barry Diller’s IAC (nee InterActivCorp) – responsible for that building on the West Side Highway that looks like a glacier – in the crapper, stock trackers are issuing a resounding “sell HSN!” In fact, according to one smarty pants, “a lot of people would be happy if IAC sold off the Home Shopping Network.” Something about HSN’s slipping sales and massive overhead, whereas Diller’s more lucrative properties are performing well, like’s increasing membership signups.

But if there’s one property Diller must absolutely hang on to, it’s How else is Diane von Furstenberg going to have us RSVP to her trunk show?

Aug 14, 2007 · Link · Repond

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