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Dina Lohan Gets Off Her High Horse Long Enough To Visit The Famous Daughter Whose Life She Ruined

• Dina Lohan takes a break from capitalizing on her daughter’s fame to feign actual interest in her recovery.

• Britney Spears is rumored to be dating her drug therapist, John Sundahl. While this move could get Sundahl’s license revoked, it still puts him several notches about K-Fed on the “classy-meter.”

• The Bush administration nominates a total racist for the “Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development and director of foreign assistance” position.

• Paula Abdul is sick of being treated “like a piece of dog___.” Which is what makes her new reality tv show so amazing!

• Dave Chappelle may have walked away from a $50 million contract, but at least he gets showered with $100 bills everywhere he goes.

• Meanwhile, Seth Cohen may be a comic book geek, but Adam Brody spent an entire night caressing the back of that hot chick from Hostel II.

Jun 8, 2007 · Link · Respond

You gotta admire Kirsten Dunst. Because in a town as fake as Hollywood, only this girl’s got the guts to greet her fellow girls with air-kisses…and then actively pursue their ex-boyfriends.

According to various sources, Dunst has been spotted all over town on dates with Fabrizio Moretti, (Drew’s longtime boyfriend), Adam Brody (Rachel Bilson’s recent ex), and Adrian Grenier, who has no ex per se, due to his clever policy of only banging everybody once.

As Us reports:

The Spider-Man star has gone on a dating spree this month. Her latest conquest: Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti (who just split from Drew Barrymore).

On January 6, she was spotted with The O.C.’s Adam Brody, 27 (who split with longtime love and co-star Rachel Bilson last year) at L.A.-area club Hyde.

And a source tells Us that Entourage star Adrian Grenier, 30, and Dunst, 24, hooked up on January 20.

A Dunst pal says the star is still reeling from her 2004 breakup with Jarhead actor Jake Gyllenhaal, 26. ???Kirsten has been lonely,??? says the source.

And while we certainly object to that whole double standard of labeling sexually active guys as studs and their female counterparts as slutty, we’re not exactly buying the “source’s” shtick about Dunst still being devastated by her three-year old breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal.

If Dunst wants to date eligible bachelor in California, then by all means, she should go right ahead. We just hope she’s ready for the slew of bad press, angry ex-girlfriends and negative spin that inevitably goes with territory.

Besides, if Kirsten “Maneater” Dunst is pining over Jakey now, one can only wonder how she felt back when all those rumors were circulating that he was cozying up to somebody new….

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Isn’t it nice to see the young stars getting involved in politics? Adam Brody shows college students in Ohio why the Democratic party has no fucking chance by joining Sherrod Brown and Brody’s future self, Luke Perry on a campus tour.

“I fear this government,” Perry said. “It is important to make a change. We need to get Congress back to the Democrats or else every last effort will go towards oil, the war and higher tuition.”

Brody, a star of the Fox series, The O.C., urged students to vote in the upcoming election.

“You are no longer the future, you are the present,” he told students.

It would be preferable to see pictures of celebs voting at the voting booths, but … whatever. At least he wasn’t wearing a freakin’ Vote or Die t-shirt.

50-State Turnout Turns Out the Stars [The Democratic Party via Pink is the New Blog]

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