Artie Lange: Comic Reportedly Near Death Following Latest Relapse

Artie Lange: Comic Reportedly Near Death Following Latest Relapse

Fans of the comedian Artie Lange know that the former Howard Stern co-host is as well known for his very public struggles with substance abuse as for his razor-sharp wit.

In December, Lange tweeted that he was in treatment for his addictions to cocaine and heroin and hoped to be out of treatment and performing again soon.

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Artie Lange: Comic Reportedly Near Death Following Years of Addiction

Artie Lange: Comic Reportedly Near Death

If you're a fan of Artie Lange, then you probably know the beloved comedian, radio personality, and podcast host isn't exactly Joe Rogan when it comes to clean living.

Lange has struggled with addiction and other health issues for most of his adult life, and he's been refreshingly candid about the toll that a decades-long cycle of rehab and relapses has taken on his body.

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Artie Lange Returns to Radio

Former Howard Stern radio star/sidekick Artie Lange appeared on a sports talk show last night, having disappeared from Stern's show in January 2010.

A private medical emergency - which some reported as a suicide attempt - sidelined Lange for a prolonged stretch. But he appears to be better now.

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Artie Lange Released From Hospital

Howard Stern's sidekick Artie Lange has been released from the hospital following an apparent suicide attempt last week, the New York Daily News reports.

The New York Post reported and police later confirmed that Lange stabbed himself nine times in the gut with a Wolfgang Puck kitchen knife a week ago.

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Howard Stern Livid at Artie Lange Suicide Report

Artie Lange, Howard Stern's radio sidekick, landed in the hospital last weekend. News of his suicide attempt landed in New York Post’s Page Six a few days later.

It was the Post report that divulged how Artie stabbed himself nine times in attempted suicide. Surgeons were able to save Lange's life after he got to the hospital.

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Artie Lange Suicide Attempt Alleged By Page Six

The New York Post's Page Six is reporting this morning that the abrupt hospitalization of Artie Lange last weekend came after a suicide attempt.

Lange, a comedian and Howard Stern sidekick, has not spoken publicly since. Stern alluded to, but did not read the Page Six report Thursday.

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