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Rielle Hunter, mother of John Edwardslove child Frances, did a candid interview and posed for a series of provocative photos that appear in the latest issue of GQ. The article is titled “Hello, America, My Name Is Rielle Hunter”. Hello indeed!

Hunter began her secret affair with Edwards in February 2006 and reportedly slept with him the day they first met because of the “magnetic force field” effect that he had on her.

She told GQ, “I know he loves me. I have never had any doubt at all about that. We love each other very much. And that hasn’t changed, and I believe that will be till death do us part. The love doesn’t go away. It’s unconditional.”

According to Barbara Walters of The View, Hunter called her to say she is mortified and repulsed by the GQ photos and is disappointed in photographer Mark Seliger. A case of remorse after the fact? We seriously doubt it.

The interview and photo shoot seem to have been carefully calculated for shock value…mission accomplished Rielle. The real victim in all of this continues to be Elizabeth Edwards.

Check out the pics below: