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There are rumors swirling that Naya Rivera is getting canned from her hit show, Glee…could is be true?

Radar Online is claiming that Rivera is channeling her inner Santana and causing loads of drama on the FOX hit. They are furthering the claims saying she is banned from the set and has been written off the final 2 shows!

It’s been public knowledge that Naya has been experiencing some personal issues this year with her fiancé calling off their engagement…but it appears some of this might be spilling over into the workplace.

Reports are saying that, “She has been fighting with all of the lesser known directors but when veteran Brad Falchuck came back she caused trouble with him and that’s when the drastic measures were taken.”

Also, “She is NOT allowed on the Glee set anymore. Brad said he had had enough and spoke to all of the executives and the decision was made to write her off the last two shows of the season for causing drama all season.” the source continues.

Naya’s reps are saying that she is absolutely NOT being fired from the show.

Any reports or rumors circulating that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from Glee are absolutely untrue. End of story”

Who knows how this will play out…guess we’ll have to tune in!