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The Michael Jackson estate has signed a record deal to continue bringing in money on behalf of MJ. The BIGGEST music deal ever, a guaranteed $200 million with the possibility of actually making $250 million, will definitely secure the future of Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson.

The first album will be released as early as November with never before heard songs that were recorded by Jackson. Sony Music Entertainment has contracted for 10 projects over the next seven years.

Jackson reportedly left behind enough new material to produce three albums. The deal was brokered by John Branca and John McClain, executors of Michael Jackson’s estate.

Two-thirds of Michael’s past record sales have been outside of the US, which is key to this project because of the foreign royalty rates.

Sony will also get an additional two year extension for the rights to distribute the MJ catalog, putting them at 2017. This catalog is all MJ originals and does not involve the Beatles catalog.