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You think he’s having a bad week? Just days after an old video surfaced showing Justin Bieber telling a racist joke using the N-word, a SECOND video has been released…and this one is even worse.

The video, which was obtained by TMZ, was supposedly part of a package deal that a former employee of Bieber’s used in an attempt to blackmail him. According to TMZ, the guy worked on a video project with Bieber and saw the racist video on the hard drive and swiped it. He then attempted to extort $1 million from the singer, eventually dropping his price to $500,000 but Bieber wasn’t buying it.

Apparently, Bieber’s people didn’t think the video would be that harmful, considering he was only 15 when he made them.

I don’t know…this recent one is pretty dang harmful. Who acts like that? What a bratty, entitled, and horrible 15 year old. It’s disappointing, especially since he was so vocal about his faith early on in his career.

Looks like his mom needed to wash his mouth out with soap.