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Britney Spears has quite the track record when it comes to dating. She’s been married twice and one of those times it was to Keven Federline. How could we ever forget the drama that came with boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. For a long time, nothing really shocked us in the Britney love department. Britney + relationships = you never quite knew what was gonna happen next.

Well, Britney is back to being single after breaking up with her latest love interest, agent Jason Trawick. This is a far cry from the wedding rumors we heard a few months back. Apparently Jason and Britney had been fighting non-stop. The breakup couldn’t have been too terrible as Jason is still employed as Brit Brit’s agent. Someone probably should have told Ms Britney not to mix business with pleasure.

We have to admit, this has been the closest thing to a normal relationship that Britney has likely ever had so we are a little sad that it’s over. Sigh…

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