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Sentenced to 15 months behind bars for false imprisonment and assault, singer Boy George ended up spending only 4 months in jail. Once released, George was sentenced to an additional 90 days of at-home detention curfew and was fitted with an ankle monitor.

While incarcerated, Boy took to reading–in fact, reading so much that he claims he turned his cell into a library of sorts. The mail that he received while in jail also kept him going. He said, “I got thousands and thousands of letters from people I don’t know, I always thank God for strangers.”

In other news, Boy George and Wham lead singer George Michael have patched up their long-lived spat over Michael’s sexuality. Back in the 80’s, George Michael did not want to reveal his sexual preferences and denied being gay, which in turn prompted Boy to criticize him. In 2005 he was quoted as saying, “People saw me as the benchmark queer while George Michael was passing himself off as a straight stud. In fact, he was loitering in public like some pre-war homosexual. It’s one thing to keep quiet. It’s another to pretend you’re not.”

All is good now between the two singers. George said that they have exchanged emails and speak from time to time and things seems to be OK.

Taking a trip down memory lane, check out Boy George’s “Karma Chameleon” – Culture Club video below.

Photo: WENN