Chris Weidman Wins UFC 168, Silva Breaks Leg

anderson silva broken leg

Saturday night's UFC 168 middleweight title bout, the main event at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, resulted in a broken leg for Anderson Silva.   The sudden turn of events resulted in Chris Weidman retaining his UFC belt.

Weidman dominated the first round.  Anderson came back in the second round with a powerful left kick that Chris blocked with his left shin. The impact was so hard that it broke Silva's lower left leg.  Weidman was declared the winner at the 1:16 point in round two.

Medical workers put a splint on Silva's lower leg and carried him out of the Octagon on a stretcher. The Nevada State Athletic Commission said that Anderson was brought to the trauma unit at University Medical Center.

The injury is being characterized as one of the most gruesome in mixed martial arts history, according to USA Today.

Weidman told reporters, "I knew that he could hurt me most with the leg kicks. We trained checking the kick a lot. The idea is to pull your leg and for the shin to land at the knee. That's exactly what I did and I felt his leg go right away.  I figured if I caught him on my knee it could really hurt him. Crazy how this happened."

Weidman previously beat Silva on July 6 in a second-round knockout. You can watch the video below that shows Silva's break:

Photo Credit: Video Screen Grab