NASCAR's Max Papis Slapped by Mike Skeen's Girlfriend

kelly heaphy slaps nascars max papis

Things got decidedly wild for racer Max Papis after Sunday's NASCAR Truck Series race at Canadian Motorsport Park in Ontario.

Tempers flared on the final lap, when Papis' truck bumped into fellow racer Mike Skeen's ride as they were both vying for a podium finish.  They spun out, leaving Max with a 6th place finish and a disgruntled Skeen in 13th.

Papis told reporters, "It was just an amateur move.  I don't have time for guys like that."

As he walked away from a post-race interview, Skeen's girlfriend Kelly Heaphy confronted Mad Max and slapped him across the face before stomping off.

He said afterward, "I was in disbelief.  Complete disbelief.  If she would've closed her hand it would have been a bad punch, because she hit me so freaking hard."

Max hit Twitter to do some trash talking, "And by the way, yes my jaw was dislocated and I had to go to get it fixed but NO COMPLAINT here, just fyi."

He added another tweet, "And by the way ... even if she deserved it, I will not hit a Lady ... it was just between 2 racers, we could have solved it alone... but I guess he needed some help!!!"

This is what Skeen had to say on the subject:

skeens two cents on the subject

Check out the video encounter below:

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