MyTalk 107.1 'Pop Life with Twila and Natalie'

natalie and twila

We are excited to announce that MyTalk 107.1 is adding a new show, 'Pop Life with Twila and Natalie' to their Saturday lineup, airing from 2-4 pm each weekend beginning August 3.

It is a pleasure to report that my friend Natalie Hagemo will be co-hosting the show with Twila Dang.

Natalie and I first crossed paths at the MyTalk studio a few years back during my guest visit to the 'Lori & Julia' show.  Hagemo happened to be there with actor Andrew Shue -- remember him from '90210,' ladies?

As she prepares for the new radio gig, Hagemo revealed, "I've been a fan of MyTalk 107.1 for years!  My on-air involvement started about a year ago with the 'Colleen and Bradley' show when they started discussing Scientology, and the celebrities involved with it.  Because three generations of my family and I had recently left Scientology, I was able to provide them with a unique perspective and insider view of the Church of Scientology. I came to be known as their "resident ex-Scientologist," going on their show when they needed me to fill in the blanks."

This busy lady happens to be multi-talented! For the last five years she has written the Mommalicious In Suburbia blog - taking a humorous look at having better sex, sharper kids and real friendships.  She has a passion for embracing the idea of being perfectly imperfect.

Natalie said knowingly, "Making the transition from blogger to radio host on MyTalk 107.1  not only made sense, but gives legitimacy to my love of celebrity gossip and reality TV.  My husband the Stud Muffin can no longer roll his eyes at me when I'm glued to the TV watching 'Real Housewives.'  Now it's part of my job."

Co-host Twila Dang is the blogger behind Pop Culture Parent.  They plan to have on-air conversations of the type that women love having with their girlfriends.  They will cover reality television, the latest celebrity scandals, whether or not natural female sexual mood enhancers really work, and every other hot topic of the day.

Tune in starting TODAY from 2-4 pm on Mytalk 107.1 or via the On Demand option on the show page.

Kudos to Natalie and Twila. This chick will be listening!

Photo Credit: Natalie Hagemo