Demi Lovato Confirms She's Seeing Joe Jonas

demi lovato and joe jonas1

Many have speculated that entertainers Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are an item and they would be right!  During a recent interview on the radio program The Billy Bush Show, Demi was asked if she has ever dated a Jonas brother...her response, "Umm, maybe."

While that seems vague, Lovato elaborated a bit more.  Billy asked Demi, "Which one?  Joe?" and she replied, "Yeah.  He's actually...he's my best friend."

"Camp Rock 2" star said that she and Joe went from being best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend and that he is not only incredible and a complete gentlemen, but he treats her to the "most amazing places."

The cute couple met back in 2007 when they worked together on "Camp Rock".  The following year Demi joined the Joe-Bro's on the road and was the opening act on their tour.  Their latest collaboration is the song "Make A Wave."  Watch the video below.

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