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Dance pro Damian Whitewood will be a new face on Dancing with the Stars this season. A native of Perth, Australia, the 32-year-old has been traveling internationally with the dance company Burn the Floor for the past nine years but has decided to step up his game on the wildly popular reality show.

So who will this DWTS newcomer be twirling around the dance floor when the show premiere’s on March 22? His celebrity partner is former Baywatch blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson, who claims to have “no dance experience whatsoever.” He said, “It is totally foreign to her. She has to learn to loosen those feet and ankles and relax a little more.”

Former DWTS champ Apolo Ohno recently told Jay Leno that Pamela Anderson might be “too top heavy” to win the competition. Whitewood has a different way of looking at her chances. He said, “If we have good chemistry and we’re having fun, everyone can relate to that. It’s about a man and a woman, up close and personal–dancing together.”

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