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American Idol Season 9 contestant Crystal Bowersox is a clear front-runner on the hit FOX reality show but many people continue to be concerned about her health status.

Two weeks ago the 24-year-old from Elliston, Ohio was hospitalized for what was described as a serious diabetic reaction episode. Schedules were quickly changed and she returned to perform on stage the following night.

We noticed this week that she sat down on a stage prop immediately after her performance of “Give Me One Reason” and remained seated during her critique by the judges. She also seemed a bit tentative during the group number at the beginning of Thursday night’s show. This seems to suggest that she is not completely recovered from whatever is ailing. There has even been speculation that she might be pregnant.

Last night Crystal and the other eleven remaining contestants celebrated making it into the Top 12 by heading over to Industry Club in L.A. for a little partying and an orchestrated red carpet photo session.

MTV interviewed Bowersox at the after-party and we must say she did seem very upbeat and more relaxed than we have seen her – check it out after the video of her “Give Me One Reason” performance below:

Photos: WENN