Jon Gosselin Clears Out Joint Bank Account

Jon Gosselin secretly withdrew more than $200,000 from a joint bank account he shares with estranged wife Kate Gosselin, leaving her with only $1000 in the account with which she routinely pays the family bills.  The children's bank account was untouched.

An existing court order prohibits Jon or Kate from withdrawing money from the account without the consent of both parties.

Kate has hired attorney Marty Singer to represent her.  A letter was sent to Jon, demanding that he return the money to the bank account.

Kate's lawyers will file papers in Pennsylvania on Monday, asking for Jon to be held in contempt of court.

This latest nasty turn of events in the Gosselin divorce saga comes on the heels of an interview with Larry King, in which Jon apologized to Kate for recent behavior, and said he wanted to put the breaks on the divorce.

Jon was dropped from the TLC reality series, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and retaliated by halting production.  Jon claims the change of heart was due to an "epiphany" that the show was not in his children's best interest.

Ironically, during the Larry King interview, Jon's lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, told Kate's lawyer Mark Momjian, "Your focus seems to be money, seems to be the show going on. This man (Jon) doesn't care about the money."

When asked how much he made from the series last year, Jon replied $1 million before taxes, $500,000 after.

Jon, who is currently unemployed, made a paid appearance at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood on Saturday.

Photos of Gosselin's Millions of Milkshakes appearance below: