Billionaire Homes 2009 Edition (PHOTOS)

bill gates pad medina washington

The economy has tightened across the globe, even for the rich and famous.  When you're talking about the world's billionaire population, most of them saw their net worth diminish significantly.  Forbes just published their 2009 'World's Richest List'.

We've put together a photo gallery of the homes of several well known billionaires.    Our featured photo is of the home of the world's richest man Bill Gates, who resides in Medina, Washington.  He has a net worth of $40 billion, down $18 billion from a year ago.

We've also got pad pics for Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and George Lucas.

Check out the rest below.

  • warren buffet pad
  • george lucas in marin county
  • michael dell austin texas

  • oprah in montecito ca
  • steve jobs spanish colonial in woodside ca
  • steven spielberg in east hampton ny

More Photos:  Forbes