Marisel Garcia Victim of Webcam Spy Hacker aka Peeping Tom

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Marisel Garcia made a big mistake when she was visiting friends in Gainesville, Florida last month. She took her ailing laptop to a student at the University of Florida who came highly recommended. Craig Matthew Feigin, 23, was well known for his computer repair skills on campus, or so her friends thought, so on their recommendation she left the laptop with him overnight and went back to pick it up the next day.

If she thought it was ailing before, that was nothing compared to what happen next. Unbeknownst to her, the computer wizard had installed two pieces of software onto her machine: Log Me In and Web Cam Spy Hacker. Prior to the discovery of the hacking, Feigin reportedly was able to download 20,000 images of Garcia, her friends and her boyfriend. The laptop was in her bedroom most of the time and many of the photos caught the unsuspecting Garcia in a state of undress.

Garcia told the Gainesville Sun that she noticed that her battery was draining more quickly and the built in camera light kept turning on every time she was near the computer. She finally took the laptop to another repair service where they quickly discovered the sabotage. Police were notified and they paid a visit to Feigin. They were surprised to discover that Feigin quickly admitted guilt and was quick to add that he had installed the same software on 8 or 9 laptops that had been brought to him by other college women.

The suspect was arrested last week, held overnight at the Alachua County Jail and released on a $20,000 bond. He has been charged with modifying and disrupting computer systems which, according to Florida Statute 815.06 on computer-related crimes, is a felony and punishable by prison time.

Garcia, of Hialeah, made a serious mistake in not realizing that the light that kept coming on when she was near the computer was a webcam light indicating that she was being spied on and her images recorded.

Check out his mug shot below.  We also have a YouTube video - start at about 1:20 for details and pics of Marisel.

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