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Deceased rocker Kurt Cobain of Nirvana has had his identity stolen. Thieves had gotten a hold of his Social Security number and have been scoring all kinds of good stuff since 2003. Just to name a few, a $3.2 million mansion, 2 cars and 188 credit cards.

Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love talked to The Sun, of London and told them, “I knew it had been going on since I went cuckcoo – bananas – in 2003.” she said “It was fraud after fraud. But nobody believed me until now. I did a check on my deceased husbands Social Security number and he has a house in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He bought it last year. I would like to know how. He should probably get his a*! back home if that is the case.”

Kurt and Courtney’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain should be very upset. It is said that over $72.5 Million has been stolen from a trust fund set up for her. But I am guessing even if the feds aren’t able to recover the money, Frances should be alright. Kurt’s estate earns a reported $42 million each year, most of which goes right into the trust fund.

This case is currently being investigated by the California police and forensic accountants team. It should be interesting to see if they catch the filthy rich thieves.