Dina Lohan Says They Have to Do Reality Show


The much scrutinized Dina Lohan told Page Six that the reason she has decided to do a reality show is, "We have no choice. Tabloids and reality shows are not going away. If they know who Ali is as a person, its better."

If you are thinking that you would get to see big sis Lindsay Lohan on the show, Dina insisted that Lindsay has her own career and this show will be all about Ali. But she may make an appearance every now and then.

Lord help us.  I am sure Ali is thrilled by the thought that she is going to be the show's focus. Has Dina not learned anything from past parenting mistakes and putting your children out for the media to eat up?

The kicker is the advice that Lindsay gave to Ali, "Stay strong. Don't let rumors tear you apart. Don't let anyone bring you down." Great advice from... let's say a role model... but Lindsay - I say practice what you preach sista.