Is Kelly Osbourne the Next Rehab Victim


Kelly Osbourne had me fooled into thinking she was on the straight and narrow. In recent months she has been by Amy Winehouse's side in what I imagined was a ploy to get her to stay clean. There were even talks of Amy moving into the guesthouse at the Osbourne's London estate. Last night Kelly and the other party queen Kate Moss did it up royally at Punk nightclub, in Soho.

Onlookers said the two plus Kate's boyfriend Kills frontman Jamie Hince left the club at 3am and after playing it up for the camera's, they needed a little help getting into the waiting car.

The party didn't stop there but merely moved on to Kelly's North London place where they continued. Check out the many faces of Kelly after the jump.

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If you want to see what the party girls were looking like at the end of the night, check out the tell all pictures here.