Randy Moss Restraining Order From Rachelle Washington

randy moss mug shot

Randy Moss, New England Patriots WR, is up to his old bad boy tricks. This time he allegedly cause a finger injury to a female acquaintance of 11 years, Rachelle Washington. There are reports circulating that the Florida woman obtained a restraining order to keep the NFL football player away from her.

Washington has reportedly filed an affidavit in Broward County indicating that Moss caused her bodily harm and then would not let her seek medical attention.

Randy tells it differently. He claims he has never laid a hand on a woman, any woman. He alleges that the entire episode has been staged to extort a six figure payoff. In the next breath, he calls whatever happened an accident. The story has continued to change depending upon who is asking the questions.

This is not new territory for Moss. When he played for the Minnesota Vikings, it was one fiasco after another where the star athlete was concerned. One particular incident, caught on tape, showed Moss behind the wheel of a car, driving into a traffic control officer who was trying to keep him from executing an illegal turn. He continued to drive his car forward, pushing a woman along a Minneapolis street until she finally was able to throw herself out of the way. The arrest mug shot is our lead picture.

We all remember Moss mooning the stadium of Green Bay Packer fans during an championship game at Lambeau Field. The media had a field day (no pun intended).

They say timing is everything. The Patriots are playing it close to the vest right, not wanting to upset their wunderkind.

CLICK HERE to hear Randy's side of the story.

randy moss in trouble with florida woman