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Tori’s fans are expressing concern over her health. And not for the first time this year.

Now that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are no more, they have both moved on and begun dating new partners.

By all accounts, Tori has been having a blast going out and about on luxury dates with her new man.

But some of her most recent public appearances have fans feeling worried. Is Tori okay?

Tori Spelling stands in a Freddy Krueger-inspired crop top ensemble.
For Halloween 2023, Tori Spelling and her teens got into the spirit of the season with some horror film costumes. In Tori’s case, with an alluring twist. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The Sun reports that Tori Spelling recently made a public appearance just outside of a Los Angeles nail salon.

She wore a sheer lace top on top of a black tank top. Both were crop tops, leaving her midriff exposed.

Complete with comfy black sweatpants, it was a stylish yet practical outfit for being on the go. Especially in a place so consistently warm that 60 degrees is “bitter cold” to many residents.

Tori Spelling shared photos and videos from Day One of ’90s Con in September of 2023. (Image Credit: Instagram)

That outfit is obviously not the cause for alarm.

At the worst, all that one can say about her look is that her pants were so large that she reportedly had to help hold them up.

(Many of us have been in that situation a time or two … though most of us are not public figures, and do not have an actress’ wardrobe)

A photo of Tori Spelling wearing red and appearing on a QVC set, with a mid-November Christmas tree in the corner.
Tori Spelling was looking red and festive in this November 2023 photo. Perhaps too festive. The tree so early in the year seems downright obscene. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Simply put, a number of fans of Tori have taken to social media to express their concern for how thin she looks.

Obviously, when Tori first rose to fame, there was almost no limit to how slender a woman could become before the praise would stop. But times have changed — in many ways, for the better.

Now, the general public has a much better idea of the many shapes of healthy bodies. And more people understand that some of the health risks of being extremely thin are worth remembering.

Stella McDermott and Liam McDermott stand on either side of Tori Spelling near an in-ground pool. Both teens are taller than their mother.
Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, and Liam McDermott posed together before the two teens attended Homecoming on the final night of September, 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Of course, we should keep in mind that, sometimes, a very thin person can be entirely healthy. It happens!

But there is, perhaps, a more important thing for those who feel concern for Tori to remember:

Tori’s body shape is her business. Her health is her business. Fans can have feelings about it, but if she chose to do something unhealthy for her and only for her, that’s her choice to make.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, August 20, Tori Spelling revealed that she had spent the past several days in the hospital. She did not divulge why. (Image Credit: Instagram)

A more appropriate way for fans to direct their concern may have less to do with her flat tummy and more to do with more meaningful measures of health.

Last year Tori and her family suffered constant mystery ailments. Early this year, they discovered that the culprit was a severe mold infestation in their home.

The effects of chronic mold exposure can last for months or even years. Many fans still wonder if Tori’s unexplained hospitalization this summer was an after-effect of the mold.

Tori Spelling with Dean McDermott
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott attend the Much Love Animal Rescue 3rd Annual Spoken Woof Benefit at Microsoft Lounge on October 17, 2019. (Photo Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Of course, all of this comes on the heels of her very public breakup with Dean McDermott.

In June, after 18 years of marriage, he announced that they were separating. He has since revealed that he was under the influence when he made that post.

Dean has gotten a lot of help since then. But it was too late. We know that they are both feeling the after effects of their marriage’s end.