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At. Last.

This was the reaction of most ABC viewers this week after the latest episode of The Golden Bachelor wrapped up with star Gerry Turner finally sending a certain rude suitor home.

Yes, we’re looking at you, Kathy Swarts.

The highly-anticipated decision by Turner came after Kathy told another suitor to “zip it.”

Kathy Swarts has made a very, very bad impression on ABC viewers.
Kathy Swarts has not impressed ABC viewers on The Golden Bachelor. (ABC)

“I didn’t come here to fight,” said Kathy in her own defense when confronted by The Golden Bachelor himself.

“We are all here to get to know you. And when people come in and they are talking about the deep connection they have with you, it feels hurtful to those of us who haven’t had time with you.”

Turner wasn’t really having it, though.

“I’m beginning to see a rift here that I’m really not happy about,” he told Kathy in response.

Gerry Turner gets into it here with suitor Kathy on The Golden Bachelor.
Gerry Turner gets into it here with suitor Kathy on The Golden Bachelor. (ABC)

Social media users, however, were VERY happy to see Kathy get sent packing.

“She’s going to be in the actual bachelor villain hall of fame,” one person joked of Swarts, while another echoed this sentiment as follows:

“Theresa is too nice. Tell Kathy to f-ck off! You are too old and glamorous to let another woman tell you to ‘zip it.'”

“SHES GOING HOMEEEEE!!!!! If she cries I am NOT sorry…that ZIP it is the reason you ended up the villain!!” yet another individual agreed.

Good riddance! That’s been the main response from viewers to Kathy NOT getting a rose. (ABC)

To the credit of Swarts, she did take her elimination well.

“I wish you all the best,” she whispered to Gerry after he gave her a hug goodbye.

In a confessional, Kathy said:

“I’m really sad to say goodbye but I have to face the reality: he’s found stronger connections.”

Gerry then walked her to a waiting car, and Kathy sort of freaked folks out by her final words as a cast member on The Golden Bachelor.

Kathy started out strong, but then went downhill in the eyes of Gerry Turner. (ABC)

“I am who I am and people either like me or don’t,” she said.

“But I mean, look at this. Who can say no to this? Rejection’s not fun. I mean, I might burn the house down before I leave.”