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It’s been over a month since the release of Jill Duggar’s debut memoir.

And while there was nothing surprising about the fact that the author portrayed her parents in a very unflattering light, fans still find themselves shocked by some of the book’s revelations about Jill’s upbringing.

We already knew that Jill barely received any money for her work on her family’s reality show.

And we knew that she and her sisters were subjected to all kinds of abuse and misogynistic practices, such as strict rules about “modest” dress and a ban on women working outside the home.

Look out, Michelle and Jim Bob! Jill Duggar has come out with a book that exposes just how evil you truly are. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

But still, when we hear about the specifics in Jill’s memoir, it’s impossible not to be taken aback by the trauma she endured because of Jim Bob Duggar’s bizarre belief system.

The latest excerpt of Counting the Cost to stun social media users has to do with the Duggars’ strict ban on dancing.

In the book, Jill recalls an incident from her childhood in which her mother, Michelle Duggar, admonished her and her friends for dancing at a party.

Jill Duggar is telling her story like never before. (Photo Credit: Amazon Studios)

Jill writes:

“‘We need to be very, very careful about the way that we move our bodies,'” Mom would say.

“‘If you’re shaking part of it, where do think people will be drawn to look?'”

“We’d all chorus the answer together: ‘The part you’re shaking.’

Jill Duggar looks somber in this photo as she prepares to trash her parents. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

“‘That’s right. And you don’t want people looking at your bottom, do you? You don’t want people thinking bad thoughts about you, right?'”

From there, Michelle recounted a story from the Bible that involved dancing.

“‘Remember what happened when King David was dancing in he street after returning with the Ark of the Covenant?'” Jill recalls her mother saying.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appear on stage at the Values Voter Summit.
Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar of The Learning Channel TV show “19 Kids and Counting” speak at the Values Voter Summit on September 17, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

“‘His wife despised him,'” Jill dutifully answered.

“That’s right. He was dancing and he was immodestly dressed, and his wife despised him for it. Let’s all remember that. When we are having fun, let’s make sure that we don’t move in a way that draws people’s attention to places it shouldn’t.”

Obviously, Michelle was trying to convey to her daughters that dancing is a contemptible act that should be looked upon with scorn.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar at the Values Voter Summit on Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

But as Reddit users point out, it seems like Michelle might have missed the point of that story.

“Funny how they left out the part that she was struck with barrenness for saying this to David,” one person wrote.

“The whole point was about her disrespect and pride, not his dancing,” a second pointed out.

“They just really don’t know the scriptures at all,” a third chimed in.

On the “Shiny Happy People” documentary, Jill Duggar tried to convey the complex emotions that she still feels towards her horrible parents. Husband Derick Dillard was by her side. (Amazon)

Yes, God cursed David’s wife with infertility for criticizing his dancing, so the story is pretty problematic by modern standards, just not in the way that Michelle thought.

You’d think if the Duggars were going to base their entire lives on a book, they’d get to know it a little better.

Of course, after the publication of Jill’s memoir, they probably banned all books from the house anyway!