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There are many shocking revelations to be found within the pages of Jill Duggar’s recent memoir.

But some of the situations that Jill describes in the book will not come as much of a shock to people who are already familiar with her family’s distinct brand of dysfunction.

Take, for example, the tense relationship between Jill’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, and her husband, Derick Dillard.

Now, Derick needed to be approved by Jim Bob before he was permitted to propose to Jill, but it seems that JB realized shortly thereafter that he had allowed his empire to be infiltrated by a dissident.

Jill Duggar is telling her story like never before. (Photo Credit: Amazon Studios)

According to Jill, it wasn’t long before Derick started pushing back against Jim Bob’s authoritarian rule over his own family.

Appearing on Christy Carlson Romano’s “Vulnerable” podcast this week, Jill recalled that the relationship between the two most important men in her life deteriorated quite rapidly.

“It used to be really great. Derick trusted my dad and my dad trusted him,” Jill said.

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard pose here on the occasion of the former turning 30 years old in 2021. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“But once we started having some differences — we weren’t falling in line with everything — it got a little rocky there to the point where Derick had to have some really hard conversations with my dad and more recently to the point where he was standing up to protect me and saying, ‘This not okay the way you’re treating your daughter.’”

From there, Jill explained, the situation got so bad that Derick threatened to take legal action against his overbearing father-in-law.

“I think my dad lost the picture when Derick was telling him basically ‘If you keep contacting her directly, then I will have to file a protective order,’” she recalled.

Jim Bob Duggar appears on stage at the Value Voters Summit.
Jim Bob Duggar speaks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Jill went on to say that she hopes she and Derick can one day repair their relationship with her father — but she knows it won’t happen anytime soon.

“We hope for the future that things can get better, but we’re not rushing things either with my family,” she said.

“We want to have good relationships, we want there to be better trust.”

It’s admirable that after all the hardship she’s endured at the hands of her father, Jill still dreams of a day when her family might once again be made whole.

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are locked in a battle against her controlling father. And it’s all playing out in public. (Instagram)

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen for one very specific reason:

Jill and Derick focused their criticism on money, which might be Jim Bob’s touchiest subject.

In her book, Jill revealed that she barely received any payment for her years of work on her family’s reality show.

She also alleged that Jim Bob used his TLC earnings to control his children and gain power in his community.

Jim Bob Duggar appears on the TLC reality show Counting On.
Jim Bob Duggar appears on the TLC reality show Counting On. (TLC)

But it seems that from a financial standpoint, Jill and Derick have had the last laugh.

In a recent podcast interview, Dillard revealed that he and his wife are completely out of debt thanks to the proceeds from her book.

That’s wonderful news for the couple, but you can sure Jim Bob is not a fan of watching his daughter celebrate her financial freedom as she speaks publicly about her years of unpaid labor.

So while Jill might continue to hold out hope for a time when she and her father are back on good terms, it seems highly unlikely that that day will ever come.