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During the Tell All Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, Amanda and Razvan shared their status.

It’s over. And though they’ll see each other again, she has no intention of getting back together.

In fact, it sounded like Amanda might be seeing someone new. The Tell All filmed months after she left Romania, after all.

But who is she seeing? And is Amanda in a better place to date, now?

Both Amanda and Razvan had a fair amount to say on the Tell All. (TLC)

During the Season 6 Tell All special, Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi explained their split. The two had parted ways a very short time after she returned to the US. Apparently, it was Razvan’s call.

Amanda’s sister, Amber, joined the Tell All to weigh in. And though she loves and supports her sister, she was quick to jump in and point out when she was wrong.

When Amanda said that Razvan was controlling in ways that the camera did not show, Amber jumped in. There were, she said, reasons for Razvan to feel uncomfortable with one of Amanda’s “friendships.”

Jasmine made a fair point to Amanda at the Tell All, reminding her that she chose to go to Romania at this time. (TLC)

Amber continued to push back, saying that Amanda and this guy had “more than just a friendship.”

According to her, it was “romantic for a second” before it wasn’t. Amanda countered that she never thought of it as romantic … but maybe as “flirtatious.”

This came as a surprise to Razvan. Sure, he had a lot of suspicions, but apparently he never knew that things got flirty.

Amber was one of Season 6’s MVPs, striking a balance between supporting her sister and helping her to face the truth. (TLC)

So, what did Amanda’s “friend” have to do with anything? Well, when Amanda and Razvan would fight (which was often), Amanda often turned to this guy to discuss.

Now, having friends is fine. Talking to your friends is fine. And their gender, and yours, don’t change that.

But flirtatious talks to a “friend” can sometimes mean that you have one foot out the door. One can understand how this did not help Amanda and Razvan’s romance during the four or five months that it lasted.

“Calm down,” Amanda repeatedly suggested to her sister, Amber. Amber was calm. Amanda just wanted her to stop talking. (TLC)

Despite … everything, including Razvan being the one to end things, he signaled his interest in seeing her again.

He has a visa — not a K-1, and it has nothing to do with Amanda — and plans to visit. She won’t let him stay with her during his visit, however.

And there’s something else. Backstage, Amanda mentioned: “Also, I’m kind of talking to someone else.” Oh?

During the Tell All, Razvan explains why he decided to end things with Amanda such a short time after she got home. (TLC)

She did not mention this in front of Razvan. But, obviously, he now knows.

This past summer, rumor had it that Amanda was dating a guy named Cody. Their TikTok bios seemed to contain references to each other.

However, Cody later clarified that they were “just friends” and had “never dated or even met.” Also, they have since scrubbed references to each other from their bios.

Yes, Razvan. It sure is over! (TLC)

So, if Amanda was hinting at something with Cody, that’s over.

The Tell All likely filmed late last winter or early last spring, given what little we know of the timeline. So that would give plenty of time for Amanda and Razvan (who met up in person late in 2022) to move on.

Or maybe Amanda was talking about someone else entirely.