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Earlier this summer, Kim Kardashian’s look in American Horror Story: Delicate received mixed reviews.

Some felt disappointed that she was still just a gorgeous woman. Others felt that it was too close to Lady Gaga’s look.

But that was just promo art. This week, the horror anthology premiered its 12th season, and viewers could see Kim for themselves.

In this case, the reviews are in — and, from social media, overwhelmingly positive.

Kim Kardashian plays opposite Emma Roberts on American Horror Story: Delicate. (FX)

Love it or hate it or somewhere in between, Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story has returned.

This week, the new season debuted on FX, though those without cable might watch it on Hulu.

Emma Roberts plays the key protagonist. Talented hotties Matt Czuchry and Cara Delevingne also take on prominent roles on Delicate.

The title card for American Horror Story: Delicate, the 12th season of the anthology series, is very evocative. What if Georgia O’Keeffe delved into the horror genre? (FX)

And then there’s Kim.

The most iconic Kardashian plays Siobhan Corbyn.

Her character is a publicist for Anna Victoria Alcott, who is Emma Roberts’ character.

From her first line of dialogue on-screen, you know what sort of person Kim Kardashian is portraying on American Horror Story: Delicate. (FX)

Kim’s character makes quite the impression upon viewers.

“Tell them to suck my c–t,” she snaps over the phone during her first scene. And then she notes how difficult it is to be better than everyone else.

She initially seems like part of the backdrop to Emma’s character’s issues. But, clearly, Siobhan is part of the famous young actor’s story beyond being her agent.

Kim Kardashian portrays a character named Siobhan on American Horror Story: Delicate. (FX)

Simply put, Kim really put her whole Kimssy into playing this part.

We don’t know if she was consciously channeling Kris Jenner.

But there were times when she might as well have been standing there and going “you’re doing amazing, sweetie!”

Siobhan Corbyn showed herself to be an enigmatic character on the season premiere of American Horror Story: Delicate. (FX)

We should also talk about Kim’s look, because she’s not just playing a beautiful, stylish woman.

(That’s just … Kim. If that’s all that there were to this role, Kim would just be playing herself — as Andy Cohen does on the premiere)

There is a recurring element to her look. One that matches a recurring motif of this season.

Many viewers of American Horror Story: Delicate have compared Kim Kardashian’s character, Siobhan, to Kim’s real-life mother. (FX)

While Emma’s character feels haunted by spiders and spider imagery, Kim’s outfits accentuate her hourglass figure.

Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts walk side by side as their characters on American Horror Story: Delicate. (FX)

As you can see in some of our screenshots, wardrobe didn’t just put Kim in sleek black clothes and call it a day.

The white with black lines is evocative of the word of arthropods and, specifically, spider legs and spider webs.

Spiders are beautiful, magnificent creatures. But there is an air of danger to these graceful weavers. And Kim’s bringing it.

Portraying the role of Siobhan Corbyn, Kim Kardashian plays a manager to the stars on American Horror Story: Delicate. (FX)

Kim’s famous hourglass figure also comes into play.

After all, certain spiders — most infamously, the black widow — have hourglass patterns on their abdomens. Even those who do not have (like all arachnids) a head and abdomen. (Insects have a thorax; arachnids do not)

So, by accentuating Kim’s hourglass, these designs are also doubling down upon the spider motif. We’re sure that this will occur again.

American Horror Story: Delicate viewers observed that Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe emphasized her hourglass figure in a decidedly thematic way. (FX)

Believe it or not, there were people who doubted Kim’s acting ability. People made a similar mistake before, ahead of her SNL hosting gig. (The one that led to her riding Pete Davidson into the sunset)

But she clearly hit things out of the park. And the show isn’t overplaying her — or just using her as a prop. That’s a tough balancing act.

Notably, Kim isn’t promoting her season. She can’t, amidst this summer’s historic SAG-AFTRA strike. But quasi-brother-in-law Scott Disick put on a whole spider-motif party to celebrate the premiere.