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Kim Kardashian may have broken the Internet once again.

Not for taking her clothes off this time, however.

In this latest case, the veteran reality star shocked fans and followers by posing with a buzz cut and pencil-thin eyebrows for the new issue of CR Fashion Book.

Is anyone else getting serious Joker vibes from this photo shoot?

Other shots — as you can see if you scroll through above — have quite the editorial quality to them, with the SKIMS founder taking her turn behind the camera as a lightly lit cigarette hangs from her mouth.

Pretty stunning, no?

“Kim really out here WORKING damn,” one fan wrote in response to this photo… while another compared her to a famous horror movie character.

“Not Glenn from Seed of Chucky,” the user wrote.

We’re pretty sure this wasn’t meant to be a compliment.

The Hollywood Gossip
Kim Kardashian has quite a look on her face in this Season 4 scene, huh? (Hulu)

Kim, for her part, used the caption to mark her return to the magazine after a decade, writing:

“CR FASHION BOOK COVER for the 10 year anniversary issue. @nadialeecohen.

“Crazy I was on the 1st cover and now 10 years later still inspired by @carineroitfeld. I love you Thank you for having me. @crfashionbook.”

Kim really has been mixing up her look these days.

American Horror Story: Delicate teases a terrifying new role for Kim Kardashian. (FX)

She unveiled a disturbing promotional photo (above) for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, on which she’ll play a key role this fall.

Kardashian is getting strong reviews for this performance, too.

Elsewhere, these new photos were paired with an candid interview from Kim for the magazine’s muses issue, as she talked about motherhood, what makes her an icon and even her celebrity crush.

“Motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding experience of life. The days are so long but the years are so short. I love the night snuggles, I love our morning madness before school — I love it all,” Kim tells CR Fashion Book’s Carine Roitfeld, adding:

“Even when it seems overwhelming, I know that my babies will grow up and I will wish for the days of tantrums and the cute little PJ’s and bath time and book time. So, I cherish it all!”

Kim Kardashian dons some duck lips next to a pensive and adorable looking Tatum Thompson. Her nephew turned 1 year old on July 28, 2023. (Instagram)

Kim also touches on her professional aspirations in this feature, most notably how she really does want to become a defense attorney.

“Our system unfortunately just doesn’t run properly. It’s heartbreaking to see that we don’t set up our incarcerated people to succeed after they are released,” she said.

“We should have resources to really help people grow and be better…

“But it needs to start in our communities. I just want to do anything I can to fight for people that others have given up on.

“So much change has to happen and I just feel compelled to help change the stigma around people who have been incarcerated.

“I just hope to make a difference in some way in my lifetime.”