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Since early this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, David and Sheila have stood out as fan favorites.

On Part 1 of the Season 6 Tell All special, David and Sheila were (of course) still together.

They confirmed as much. They’re still partners, and they’re still engaged. … Unless?

Are David and Sheila married?

David appeared in person, wearing a fantastic shirt, for the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 Tell All. Sheila participated remotely. (TLC)

Just a few weeks ago, we watched Season 6, Episode 14.

It was then, while David and Sheila were on a romantic getaway at a resort, that David popped the question.

The night was miserably hot. Sheila had been going through emotional ups and downs as she grieved her mother’s loss. But David knew that it was now or, possibly, never.

Sheila shows off her engagement ring after David proposed. (TLC)

Ultimately, David realized that proposing to Sheila might give her something more positive to consider. And he was right.

Sheila said “yes,” allowing him to slide the engagement ring onto her finger.

The pair went on to share a tearful farewell at the airport. David had to return to the US, with plans to visit her the following year.

David and Sheila both burst into tears while parting ways at the airport in the Philippines. (TLC)

Remember, David works two jobs to make ends meet. He had to save up money for this trip, and that time away means lost income.

(Yes, 90 Day Fiance does pay … but compared to most reality TV, it pays very little)

The K-1 visa is not free. In addition to needing to be able to show that he can support her (and her son), David will need to spend thousands of dollars on that process.

On the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 Tell All special, David showed off a new look — in a truly fantastic shirt. (TLC)

The Tell All special recorded months ago. It is possible that it taped this spring or even late this winter.

(That would be earlier than usual for these Tell Alls, though they generally record months in advance)

It is possible that David and Sheila have seen each other in person since this filmed. David had, after all, promised to visit her this year.

Sheila Mangubat smiled brightly while participating in the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 Tell All special. She remained in the Philippines but took part remotely, like most — but not all — of the non-American partners. (TLC)

But, if they have, they have kept it under wraps. There are no obvious signs of reunions on social media from either of them.

That is no surprise. Production always has the cast sign NDAs. Some seasons, producers are stricter with people than others. And some cast members need more reminders than others.

Simply put, David and Sheila can’t spoil their season. And they won’t want to spoil things for a future season. At this point, it feels inevitable.

David sits in the Tell All green room alongside Gino, Jasmine, Christian, and Riley. (TLC)

Right now, a solid bet might be that David and Sheila’s next season will also be Before The 90 Days.

We know that David is going back. That said, if they wanted a private, off-camera trip, that would make sense, too.

This fan-favorite couple is a shoe-in for the flagship series of the franchise. Maybe 90 Day Fiance Season 12?