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We’ve witnessed a lot during Tori Spelling’s Miserable Girl Summer.

After fleeing the family home this spring following a hazardous infestation, her marriage to Dean McDermott fell apart. And things had been going well!

Now she’s dealing with public embarrassment, a looming divorce, lingering health issues, and financial woes.

But could this also be her pathway back to reality TV? Reportedly, some of her friends dread this outcome. But why?

In 2023, Tori Spelling shared this sunny selfie while promoting her friend’s rose quartz jewelry. Gorgeous! (Instagram)

The report

According to a new report by RadarOnline, those close to Tori feel “worried” about her.

And not for the obvious reason.

Allegedly, sources in her oribt fear that she is “drumming up drama to pave her way back to reality TV.”

Once again at Urgent Care with her family, Tori Spelling shared photos to warn followers about the hidden dangers of mold. (Instagram)


Where did all of this allegedly start? Back at home. Well, at Tori and Dean’s former home.

The house that they were renting, it turned out, was slowly killing them.

We here at THG had followed the story of their mystery ailments and even hospitalizations for months, going back to 2022. The culprit turned out to be mold.

In this lengthy caption from May 2023, Tori Spelling shared her family’s story of repeated illnesses. The culprit? Dangerous mold in their home. (Instagram)

This wasn’t a case of one shower that needs bleach or vinegar (not both! never mix the two!). The infestation rendered the place unfit for human habitation.

If we had to speculate wildly (and we don’t, but we will for the moment), we’d note that mild earthquake damage and rainfall could do this. So could a leaky pipe in the wrong place.

Once Tori and her family understood the seriousness of the infestation, they fled their home.

Parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose with children Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau at the Beverly Hilton in June 2023. (Instagram)

Free at last?

Tori openly thanked renter’s insurance (always a good idea if you are renting; it is generally very affordable).

Many suspect that it was a payout from this that allowed her and her kids to stay at a $100-per-night motel.

It’s not glamorous lodgings, but it meant a roof over their family’s head until the dust settles and they find a new place.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Tori Spelling revealed that she and her family members need to undergo brain scans after living with an extremely hazardous mold infestation. (Instagram)

Unfortunately, this could cost them more than the comfort of living in their former abode.

Chronic mold exposure — and this was happening to them for many months, possibly even for years. — can cause lasting harm.

For some, symptoms can last for years or even for life. Tori knows this, and even indicated that she and her family will undergo screenings for lingering effects. (More on that, shortly)

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose for portrait at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Paddington 2” After Party on January 6, 2018 in Los Angeles. (Getty)


We did skip a step, however.

In between fleeing their family home and the first time that random eyewitnesses spotted Tori and kids at a motel, something happened.

For months, Tori and Dean had reportedly been doing surprisingly well in their marriage. The best that they’d been in years.

On June 17, 2023, Dean McDermott took to Instagram to announce his separation from Tori Spelling. That was very early on a Saturday morning. Hours later, he deleted the post. (Instagram)

Then, one random Saturday morning, Dean posted and deleted a breakup announcement on Instagram. Messy, much?

Deleting the post, the world soon learn, did not reflect a change in sentiment.

From what we’ve heard in numerous reports, Tori wanted to try to make it work. Dean did not. So, for now, it’s over.

In the family’s RV and temporary home, Tori Spelling cuddles up to her youngest son, Beau. August 2023 was a time of transition for their family. (Instagram)

Her own personal housing crisis

Tori was also on the hunt for a place to live. Not just for her, but for her five children.

As we saw in recent weeks, she moved into an RV and has been living on a campground.

An RV is way too small for six people. Her kids range from young Beau to actual teenagers. It’s simply not sustainable.

Tori Spelling shared this pic of her kids giving an apparent thumbs up to their August 2023 abode. (Instagram)

It’s possible that Tori and her kids have moved on from there.

Reportedly, they were treating the stay there like a “vacation” ahead of the school year picking up again.

Hopefully, something more sustainable and comfortable for everyone has come along. Tori was, after all, previously looking for a one-month rental.

Somehow, illness has returned

We mentioned that Tori’s fungal foe was not done with her. Because, months after fleeing the family home, she recently spent days in the hospital.

Tori left the hospital after four days. We do not know the cause of her hospitalization. Clearly, it was something serious.

However, reports have suggested that doctors believe that mold may have been the cause. Chronic exposure, as we said, can have lasting consequences.

Tori Spelling shared this outdoor selfie in April of 2023. (Instagram)

About the reality TV thing …

We can’t say that we think that Tori is somehow deliberately masterminding all of this as a ploy to return to reality TV.

It seems more likely that she’s just having a really miserable summer. And that she had a rough spring before that. And autumn isn’t looking too bright (and it’s only weeks away).

But wouldn’t it actually be a great thing for her if this turned into a reality TV comeback? It might be a good thing for us, too. Tori could entertain the world and get the funding to repair (parts of) her life in the process.