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By all accounts, Tori Spelling is having a no good, very bad summer.

Before it even began, she and her family had to flee their infested home. Then, her marriage to Dean McDermott fell apart.

Last week, Tori went to the hospital, where she remained for several days.

Now, she has departed, exiting the hospital in a wheelchair, with her face showing signs of unexplained bruising. Oh no!

In an Instagram post on Sunday, August 20, Tori Spelling revealed that she had spent the past several days in the hospital. She did not divulge why. (Instagram)

Tori Spelling’s Instagram Story from over the weekend shared that her hospital admission date was Thursday, August 17.

She did not share the cause of her hospitalization, only that it had lasted for several days.

Instead, Tori focused upon her love for her five children and their character. This has been a rough time for them, too.

Tori Spelling shared this photo of her lovely kids and their “abuela,” Isabel Carnero in 2023. It was Isabel’s 79th birthday! (Instagram)

As you can see in the Page Six video below, Tori Spelling is no longer in the hospital.

Following days of treatment over an unexplained ailment or injury (or both?), she exited the healthcare facility on Sunday, August 20.

Tori made her departure in a wheelchair. That is, of course, normal for leaving the hospital after any sort of extended stay.

One worrisome detail was that there appeared to be some sort of bruising on Tori’s face.

Obviously, it’s not like she posted a selfie of her face.

And doctors were discharging her (apparently), so it’s unlikely that her body is unraveling at the seams or something.

In the family’s RV and temporary home, Tori Spelling cuddles up to her youngest son, Beau. August 2023 was a time of transition for their family. (Instagram)

But visuals that indicate bruising on her face could indicate several things.

The first is that she may have suffered an injury.

During our own reporting earlier this week, THG noted that Tori could have become injured. Possibly while adapting to her RV life and the campground where she and her children have been staying. And some illnesses can cause falls, which result in bruising.

Tori Spelling shared this photo of two of her children, Finn and Stella. They were perched atop their family’s RV in August of 2023. (Instagram)

A second possibility is that some medical treatments and even some medications can result in bruising.

We are obviously not going to sit here and speculate wildly about medications or procedures that can cause bruising.

A few are things that we can rule out. Like, cheek fillers can cause facial bruising, but they don’t get you hospitalized for four days. Or an IV, generally speaking.

Beach day! Tori Spelling shared this snap of her kids at the Southern California shore in August 2023. (Instagram)

Obviously, some people are eager to jump to conclusions and imagine that someone attacked Tori. It’s possible … but there is not any reason to think that right now.

And frankly, we think that Tori has enough authentic, organic, grass-fed drama in her life already. She doesn’t need us to imagine it.

Whatever ails her, we wish Tori a full and speedy recovery. And we hope for the best for her kids.