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As 90 Day: The Last Resort began, most of the focus fell upon Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa’s marriage.

However, last week, some of the attention shifted to Big Ed Brown. The notorious franchise villain cannot behave himself.

He picked fights, he called castmates names.

However, this week, Angela Deem snapped, yelling and screaming in Liz Woods’ face.

Angela Deem gets in the faces of Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods during their hot tub discussion on 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

On Monday night, TLC’s absurd 90 Day: The Last Resort spinoff began in the hot tub.

Ed was lashing out for whatever reasons usually make him lash out. Insecurities or, to hear him tell it, because he has experienced bullying.

Just a reminder that Ed is a grown man. He was 57 when this show filmed. At his big age, mean teenagers doesn’t really fly as an excuse.

Angela Deem becomes heated on 90 Day: The Last Resort, and it’s not just the hot tub. (TLC)

Anyway, sitting in the crowded hot tub — one whose water I wouldn’t touch without significant financial incentives — Ed launched into further attacks on Kelly Brown.

He repeatedly called Molly Hopkins’ then-boyfriend a “bitch.”

This came after Ed cheated during the group’s mandatory therapy game.

Liz Woods tries to argue back when Angela Deem speaks, which never ends well. (TLC)

Given how Ed has publicly humiliated her in the past, Liz felt that she was in a no-win scenario.

She wanted to ease the conflict, but feared that Ed would be angry if she wasn’t sticking up for him. At least, that’s the impression that we got.

Oddly enough, it was Angela who seemed to support Ed. They’ve clashed in the past, but for whatever reason, Angela spoke up for him.

Liz Woods did not have an easy time on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Or, honestly, in life. (TLC)

Of course, Angela being “supportive” doesn’t always look like it.

In an effort to silence Ed, she splashed him.

She ended up more or less soaking him and Liz. Yes, they were already in the tub. But it was rude.

Big Ed Brown grew increasingly combative and repeatedly called one castmate a “bitch” on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Classic Ed. (TLC)

“I’ve always been for the underdog,” Angela explained to the confessional camera.

Has that ever been the case? And what, other than his height, makes Ed anything of the sort? We couldn’t guess.

“Liz wasn’t taking up for him,” Angela accused, claiming that therefore, “somebody had to.” Did they, though?

Kelly Brown had more than enough of the hot tub nonsense, and decided to leave. (TLC)

By this point, Kelly and Molly had left, poking fun at Ed’s aggression towards him.

Meanwhile, Ed expressed that he felt “completely touched” that Angela stood up for him.

Liz remained silent. This was an intense situation. And we wouldn’t wish her circumstances, or proximity to these two chuckleheads, upon our worst enemies.

Angela Deem speaks boldly while Molly Hopkins tries to figure out what to make of all of this on 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

Liz spoke to the camera, saying that she didn’t condone Kelly’s “attack” on Ed. (Was it an “attack,” though?)

“But Ed does tend to run his mouth a lot,” she acknowledged in the confessional.

“And,” Liz reasoned, “Ed’s gotta learn his consequences.” And yet Liz would continue to pay the price.

Angela Deem lashes out, splashing both Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods. We’ve all seen her do worse. (TLC)

However, when Liz left the tub, she drew Angela’s fury.

“I love you, Angie, but you speak over everyone,” Liz said delicately. A fair characterization … but Angela doesn’t care about fairness.

Instantly swelling with rage, Angela barreled after Liz, shouting: “Oh bitch, don’t go there motherf–ker.” 

Angela Deem screams and yells in Liz Woods’ face on 90 Day: The Last Resort, because this is fundamentally who she is and how she behaves. (TLC)

“When did I f–king talk over you?” a furious Angela demanded, screaming expletives into Liz’s face.

This was an intense, ugly situation. Yet Liz managed to remain calm in the face of this unthinkable horror — Angela.

It was such a nasty and one-sided attack that a hotel staffer came over, reminding Angela: “We’ve got guests here.”

Angela Deem seems to be inadvertently reenacting an Alien meme, but Liz Woods doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. (TLC)

Indeed, we know that Angela was so disruptive that actual guests as the resort left negative reviews. Some even booked new vacations at more peaceful accommodations to escape her.

No such luck for Liz.

Instead, production stepped in, physically separating Angela from her target while Liz and Ed made their getaway.