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First, Kim Kardashian.

Now, Kylie Jenner.

Earlier this month, the former amateur adult film participant confused the heck out of her followers when she shared an Instagram photo that, quite simply, looked nothing like her.

And now her half-sister has done the same.

Is that really you, Kylie Jenner? The reality star confused followers greatly with this social media photo in August 2023. (Instagram)

As you can see above, the mother of two wore a white lace tank top and minimal make-up in a rather simple selfie that she sent around to her MILLIONS of followers over the weekend.

She didn’t even include a caption with it.

But fans were quick to take a look at the snapshot and to wonder what on earth is going on with Jenner’s face.

“I think her cheek filler was dissolved at least partially,” one user wrote upon seeing this picture, while another chimed in as follows:

“Her cheeks look way flatter to me, I was thinking something was up. Who even is that? Somehow looking different every time.”

Kylie Jenner does have plump lips. She has admitted to the use of filters. (Instagram)

The topic of Kylie Jenner and plastic surgery has been a popular one for many years, of course.

On the July 20 episode of The Kardashians, for example, Kylie addressed the constant speculation over how much work she has seemingly had done to her face and/or other body parts.

“I went through that stage too and I feel like I’m in a better place,” she admitted on air on going under the knife, adding that “other people can still instill insecurities in you.”

Then, a short time later, Jenner finally confessed to having gotten breast implants.

Kylie Jenner speaks to the confessional camera after seeming fairly absent for most of The Kardashians Season 3. (Photo Credit: Hulu)

“I got my breasts done before Stormi … not thinking I would have a child when I was 20,” Kylie said in a confessional on the season finale of the aforementioned reality show.

“Like, they were still healing. I had beautiful breasts. Natural t–s. Just gorgeous,” she continued.

“Perfect size, perfect everything. And I just wish, obviously, I never got them done to begin with.”

Jenner concluded at the time with some advice for other young women who are thinking of undergoing this same procedure.

“I would recommend anyone who is thinking about it to wait until after children,” she said.

Kylie Jenner attends the 2022 Baby2Baby Gala presented by Paul Mitchell at Pacific Design Center on November 12, 2022 in West Hollywood, California. (Getty)

This admission answered a few questions posed by a handful of observers.

But others think there’s even more that Kylie has been hiding.

“Definitely got secret nose job. It’s tiny,” one person wrote several days ago.

Others, meanwhile, think Jenner has had an entire facelift, with one remarking in extreme detail:

“She had upper and lower blepharoplasty to remove all fat from around the eye, making the area all smooth and tight, and upper and lower eyelid skin excised to make her eyes wider vertically, showing more white.”