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Last week, 90 Day: The Last Resort fans learned a lot more about Kalani Faagata’s boyfriend, Dallas Nuez.

What started as a “hall pass” hookup following Asuelu’s infidelity has turned into something more.

In the many months since this went down, Kalani has hidden a lot from fans. She had to keep to her NDA, after all.

Now, she can be more open. She can even post a selfie featuring her new man.

On her Instagram profile photo in August 2023, Kalani Faagata appears in a selfie. She looks great … and that appears to be Dallas Nuez by her side. At least, that’s the fan theory. (Instagram)

Just to be clear, we do not actually have confirmation that the face beside Kalani belongs to Dallas Nuez.

But the fan theory suggests that it’s him. He would certainly fit the bill. And who else — outside of her family — would appear in her profile pic like this?

When you include another person in your updated profile photo, they probably mean a lot to you. An old one, you can just forget to change. A new one requires thought.

To the 90 Day: The Last Resort confessional camera, Kalani Faagata says that she never intended to keep in touch with her “hall pass.” (TLC)

This would be the first time that Kalani has ever shown Dallas’ face, even in part, on her Instagram.

(She previously showed a tattooed hand in the corner of one of her Story posts, but that was it)

Of course, fans don’t have much to go on when it comes to Dallas. Why? Because he’s not a public figure.

Kalani Faagata very diplomatically asks for a new set of bedding, because she does not plan to share any with her husband. Good. (TLC)

Dallas appears to be a fairly private person.

Not only has he not appeared on reality TV, but there is no evidence that he is active on social media.

If he is, he operates under a pseudonym (as many wisely do). So we likely won’t know more about him until Kalani decides to open up. And, realistically, she doesn’t ever have to.

Sitting around the fire on 90 Day: The Last Resort, Asuelu Pulaa confesses to having cheated on his wife. (TLC)

We want to remind everyone that Kalani has not actually confirmed that she is still in a relationship with Dallas. (Heck, she hasn’t even confirmed that this is his name)

What we do know is that Asuelu cheated during his trip to Samoa. And that Kalani found out about it.

He then offered her a “hall pass” in the hopes that it would appease her. He never expected her to take it, but she did.

Asuelu Pulaa’s eyes looked downright bloodshot on 90 Day: The Last Resort’s first episode. Perhaps from the crying. (TLC)

90 Day: The Last Resort filmed nearly nine months ago. A lot may have changed in that time.

Is it possible that she and Asuelu reconciled fully and decided to move forward with their marriage? We suppose.

But the evidence isn’t pointing to that. And her Instagram profile pic featuring another man is a major clue.