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Another season of Sister Wives, another chance for Janelle Brown to curse off her terrible husband.

Just about a year ago, TLC viewers watched in shock when Janelle grew so irritated by Kody Brown — in regard to his extremely strict COVID-19 rules and regulations — that she exploded on air.

She told her spouse to f-ck off.

Now, in the latest trailer for Sister Wives Season 18?

This is the official poster for Sister Wives Season 18, courtesy of TLC. (TLC)

We see Janelle speaking about her decision to leave the plural marriage, as the camera cuts to Kody being a total jerk face and telling her:

“You have cheated me out of my family.”

Janelle, to her credit, doesn’t just sit back and take it, however.

“You are now pushing me out the door,” she replies.

Kody Brown has an annoying look on his face while sitting here alongside Janelle. (TLC)

When Kody denies this accusation, she adds. “I think you’re manipulating.”

And when Kody then gets up to to leave?

“You stay and talk,” Janelle fumes.

When Kody ignores her, she drops the eff bomb on the father of 17 once again, this time telling Kody in no uncertain terms: F-ck you.

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Using a Reel post, Janelle Brown updated her fans and followers on the process of hooking up her 5-wheeler. (Instagram)

Janelle, Christine and Meri have all left Kody, of course.

The former has said very little about her decision, though, simply stating on the Sister Wives Season 17 one-on-one special that she and her ex are “separated.”

In May, Janelle told fans that she’s trying to act brave and that she’s starting a fresh life these days.

But she has scarcely, if ever, said Kody’s name since ending their relationship.

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Having freshly lost a lot of weight, Janelle Brown invited followers to benefit from what she has learned on her personal journey. (instagram)

In this same Season 18 preview, meanwhile, Christine Brown shares a little more about why she decided to leave her spiritual marriage behind.

“I left Kody cause I could see he had favorites,” Christine says, while a clip plays showing Kody stroking wife Robyn Brown’s back.

The mother of six has said on plenty of occasions that it’s clear Kody doesn’t just love Robyn best.

He basically only loves Robyn at this point.

Kody, Robyn, Christine and Janelle don’t exactly get along at this point in time. Three of these women all pretty much hate their ex. (TLC)

Not that Christine is bothered any longer by anything Kody does or says.

She’s engaged to David Woolley and seems pretty darn happy about it at this point.

“We’re engaged! David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I’m so excited and just live in bliss every day! #engaged #newworld #soulmates #loveofmylife,” wrote Christine online in April.

Sister Wives Season 18 premieres August 20 at 10/9c on TLC.