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Since the season began, fans have wondered if Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan are still together.

For most of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, their time together has simply been a rundown of how incompatible they are.

But, in the absence of a “smoking gun” clue — like a marriage certificate or a new partner — viewers could only guess.

Until now, that is. Brace yourselves, because we have a pretty hefty 90 Day spoiler for you below!

Meisha Johnson poses beside Nicola Kanaan after arriving in Israel to visit him. (TLC)

Season 6 of Before The 90 Days has shown us that a couple doesn’t need chemistry, compatability, or mutual respect to want to marry.

Not if they believe that their relationship may be part of some divine plan, that is.

For the past seven years — most of Meisha’s time as a Catholic convert — Nicola has been her religious mentor. Compared to his version of Catholic orthodoxy, no one else seems to measure up.

Meisha asked Nicola why he has this long-armed monkey in his car. The answer was that he likes monkeys. (TLC)

Spoiler warning, we’re super serious

Previously, we noted that the signs of whether they were still together or broken up remained up in the air.

There were social media hints, which could just mean that they were keeping things ambiguous for their NDAs and had parted on good terms.

As THG readers may recall, we previously noted that the odds were pretty good that they were still together … but had not yet tied the knot.

A Reddit user with the handle of crose360 shared a photo of Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan, reporting seeing the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 couple at the Mall of America in July of 2023. (Reddit)

Just a few days ago, a redditor by the name of @crose360 shared a photo of Meisha and Nicola.

“I spotted Meisha & Nicola at the food court at Mall of America today and nearly spit out my drink!” the redditor shared.

The post continued: “I was shocked to see him in Minnesota and even more shocked they are together.”

Meisha snaps a selfie with Nicola in front of the city of Haifa. (TLC)

Is this legit?

Obviously, that photo sure looked a lot like Meisha and Nicola. But was it?

That redditor was not even the only one to see and recognize them. Which … sounds pretty convincing. (Also, it means that both redditors happened to be there at the same time)

If that wasn’t Meisha and Nicola, then there’s a couple out there somewhere with an uncanny resemblance to the two.

Meisha is quick to throw credit — or perhaps, blame — in her God’s direction when it comes to meeting Nicola. (TLC)

What does this mean?

It’s possible that Nicola is simply in the US on a tourist visa. In fact, technically, it could mean that they had an amicable breakup.

But Occam’s Razor suggests that the most likely explanation is that they’re following through with their plan.

That means that Meisha and Nicola are engaged. They might actively be experiencing (and probably filming) their K-1 visa 90-day deadline as we write this.

An excited Meisha spots some stylish looks in Haifa. Nicola seems indifferent. (TLC)

Obviously, a lot of fans are expressing surprise

After all, Meisha and Nicola seem to have nothing in common except for their extremely orthodox ideas about Catholicism.

Beyond that, Meisha is a mom, a former broadcast journalist, and keeps a messy room while her looks are immaculate.

Nicola has never had sex, it doesn’t seem like he’s had a real relationship, and he seems to put more thought into Meisha’s mess than he does into his own appearance. When Meisha is sad, he sees this as her problem to fix — as he feels no need to change.

Nicola and Meisha do not always see eye to eye. (TLC)

But these are two people who believe that their faith brought them together. And, more to the point, that their God wanted them to meet.

Nicola has taken the fact that they will marry as a given. Meisha has been more cautious … relatively speaking.

It now seems very likely that they’re going through with it. If they do, neither of them believe in divorce.