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On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, we’ve watched Meisha weather Nicola’s insults.

She’s eccentric and she’s a mess. But he doesn’t know how to be in a relationship — and isn’t interested in learning.

He spent years as her religious mentor and now takes it for granted that he’ll be her husband. Meisha isn’t sure just yet.

The show filmed many months ago. Are Meisha and Nicola still together?

Meisha Johnson snaps a selfie with Nicola Kanaan in front of the city of Haifa. (TLC)

There are endless reasons for which Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan are a bad match.

It seems that all that they have in common is their extremely devout, orthodox Roman Catholic beliefs. Even then … they’re not entirely on the same wavelength.

But if the 90 Day Fiance franchise has taught us one thing, it’s that incompatibility doesn’t always deter people from making mistakes.

“I would marry you on the spot,” Nicola tells Meisha. Meanwhile, she is still trying to get to know him — a step that he seems happy to skip, despite his complaints about her. (TLC)

What are the clues?

Barring a smoking gun — like a marriage certificate, or evidence of them filming in the US on a K-1 visa — we have to look for subtler signs.

For example, Meisha and Nicola continue to follow each other on social media. Specifically, on Instagram.

That most strongly suggests that they’re still together. It could also mean that they broke up, and are still friends. Finally, it could mean that they broke up bitterly … but are trying to avoid spoiling their split.

Meisha points excitedly at a woman in a gorgeous wedding dress in Haifa. Nicola feels less impressed. (TLC)

It’s not just that they’re IG mutuals

Nicola has “liked” several of Meisha’s recent Instagram posts.

We cited a similar phenomenon when discussing their castmates Christian and Cleo. Active “likes” are a stronger clue than a passive following.

Which brings us to an interesting detail: we haven’t seen Meisha reacting to any of Nicola’s posts. That could be disinterest, or professionalism.

Nicola and Meisha’s conversation about their issues could have gone better. (TLC)

What about their baby? (Not literally)

We refer, of course, to the website that Meisha and Nicola started together —

It is a reference to their shared Catholic faith, not to one of the Kimye kids that Kim clearly allowed Kanye to name.

Meisha often advertises the site, promoting it on social media. Nicola does not seem to actively do the same.

Nicola and Meisha sit down to discuss his family and what they do — or do not — know about their relationship. (TLC)

Is that it?

Neither Meisha nor Nicola are commenting on each other’s posts. And they also aren’t publicly addressing their relationship.

That just means that they are abiding by their NDAs better than most.

In comparison, we can recall some other 90 Day couples over the years who could not contain their mess. Public fighting, abrupt blocking and badmouthing are much more obvious than radio silence.

Meisha and Nicola are waiting until marriage to perform most sex acts, but Meisha seems a little friskier than Nicola. (TLC)

Did Meisha let something slip?

On July 13, Meisha did offer a brief little montage from her trip to Israel.

Almost all of the content was normal — gorgeous landscapes, photos of the sights and landmarks, and of course the cats.

There was a brief clip of Meisha and Nicola walking. That’s not a spoiler, though. That just means that, you know, he was there. We know.

Nicola’s response to criticism was to tell Meisha that she needs to change her attitude towards him. (TLC)

So, what’s the verdict?

On screen, we have seen ample reasons for them to break up.

He doesn’t seem interested in learning or changing. Despite no real relationship experience, he feels that he’s doing just fine.

Meanwhile, Meisha wants to know that he’ll be a good partner. And she wants to know that he’s not going to get into conflict with her teenage daughters for being normal young adults.

Meisha Johnson’s daughters, Morea and Svea, drove her to the airport for her flight to Israel. (TLC)

Simply put, we don’t know if they’re still together. If they were married, we feel like they’d be broadcasting that news to the world.

The odds are pretty good that they’re still trying to make it work, but are not yet married. They have both expressed a belief that their God wants them to be together. It’s hard for even obvious incompatibility to overcome that.

We would love — love — for this season and the Tell All to offer a pleasant surprise. Maybe it’s over. May all toxic, harmful relationships come to a swift and decisive end.