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Famously, RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel once said “mention it all.” Between the energy and the body language of that delivery, it became a meme and a catchphrase.

Shannon Storms Beador went in the opposite direction on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Mention less.

After last week’s feelings of “betrayal” on RHOC, attention shifted back to Shannon’s frayed friendship with Tamra. What secret does Tamra know that could destroy Shannon’s relationship?

On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 8, Shannon Beador was not the only person whose personal life was under a microscope. (Bravo)

Obviously, as with any other episode, plenty of drama went down on The Real Housewives of Orange County this week.

(Genuinely, Season 17 has shown a number of improvements … though they need to ditch the weird “never before scene” nonsense. Maybe adapt RHONY 14’s graphics style for the OC?)

But the real focus was on Tamra, Shannon, and a very specific Friend of theirs.

Emily Simpson invited her castmates and other friends to the home of her mother-in-law, Pary. (Bravo)

Okay, so it started beforehand, with little hints.

Emily Simpson held a big get-together at her mother-in-law’s place. And, given the swanky digs, you can see why.

We can’t say that we understand the brown-water slip-and-slide (so many spray tans, for some reason), but you do you, ladies!

We cannot get over the intensity of this vibrant pink look that Tamra Judge was sporting on RHOC Season 17, Episode 8. (Bravo)

There was a heated discussion involving Jennifer

Shannon Beador could not help but take an interest in a conversation during this RHOC scene in Season 17. (Bravo)

For a little while, the focus was on Jennifer Pedranti.

Of course, Jennifer Armstrong was also there and part of the conversation.

At this point, there was nothing going on with Shannon or Shannon’s secret or what Tamra knows.

Speaking to the confessional camera on Season 17, Episode 8 of RHOC, Tamra Judge was looking pretty in pink. (Bravo)

Funnily enough, Shannon’s castmates predicted that she was going to insert herself into a conversation.

Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson were a little shady.

Not inaccurate, though.

Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson predict that one of their castmates will comically involve herself in a conflict. And they’re right! (Bravo)

More tactfully, Heather Dubrow asked the ladies if they “think maybe Shannon’s going to play peacemaker.”

That is a very diplomatic way of saying the same thing.

She didn’t even immitate Shannon’s voice the way that Emily did.

Heather Dubrow asks Emily Simpson if she thinks that their castmate, Shannon, will play “peacemaker.” She is not referring to the DC Comics antihero. (Bravo)

Here’s why this is relevant: as they predicted, Shannon did come over to talk.

And she spoke about how hard it can be for someone to be hearing bad things about their partner.

She wasn’t speaking about herself. At least, not on purpose.

As her castmates had so accurately and shadily predicted, Shannon Beador could not resist weighing in on a brewing Season 17 conflict. (Bravo)

Shannon was trying to offer some advice.

But check out Tamra’s reaction below.

She didn’t say anything. But her eyes got big and, well, she was pretty darn expressive.

Tamra Judge heard her quasi-friend and castmate make some statements that seemed to hit a little too close to home. But what was it about? (Bravo)

What’s that about? She didn’t say.

But it’s the kind of face that you make when your friend is saying something that’s a little on-the-nose about another topic.

You can’t say anything — for the sake of friendship. But you just can’t help reacting to what you’re hearing. (Besides, great facial reactions are a vital component of reality TV stardom)

Somehow, Vicki Gunvalson has returned. On RHOC Season 17, Episode 8, the OG of the OC returned as a “Friend of.” (Bravo)

Well, Vicki’s back. Not full time, by any means. But she did film for this episode, at least.

The OG of the OC showed up.

And though she and Tamra remained close when they were both at odds with Shannon after their departure from the show, it wasn’t just the two of them at lunch.

Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and “Friend of” guest Vicki Gunvalson toast with tequila shots. The Tres Amigas, back together … however briefly. (Bravo)

After a very funny and shady montage of Shannon drinking after she insisted that she doesn’t take that many shots, the ladies chatted.

They talked about lingerie. Vicky raved about her boyfriend and how she wears crochless panties to please him.

Shannon mentioned that boyfriend John Janssen just wants her naked. And Tamra suddenly felt self-conscious about wearing sweatpants to bed.

Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, and Tamra Judge all exchanged advice on how to dress — or undress — sexily at their respective ages. (Bravo)

Look, wear what you want to bed. If you can endure the horror of wearing clothing even in bed and that’s what you want, go for it.

Anyway, they talked about Heather Dubrow and how Shannon had confided in her, but that she trusts her.

Then, Tamra suggested that perhaps trusting Heather was a mistake. Because Tamra has heard things.

Time seemed to stand still for Shannon Beador as she realized that her friends knew a dangerous secret … and might even bring it up on camera. (Bravo)

“Wait, are you kidding me right now?” Shannon asked.

She then told her: “Tamra, you can’t do that to me right now.”

Clearly, Shannon knew exactly what she meant — and wanted to emphasize in the strongest possible terms that this cannot come up on camera.

In this moment, Tamra Judge visibly sealed her lips … indicating that she will not spill her friend’s secret. (Bravo)

Neither of them even dropped any hints. Tamra didn’t, at least.

Tamra very visibly sealed her mouth shut to reassure Shannon.

And it was clear that Shannon understood whatever it was that Heather allegedly dished to her.

No novice to filming for reality TV, Shannon Beador avoided a “hot mic moment” while also avoiding a very sensitive topic. (Bravo)

Shannon didn’t have a hot mic moment. Instead, she stood up from the table — and not to leave.

Instead, she Shannon Storms-ed over to the production crew.

“I am not gonna air a relationship that I don’t know — that’s gonna destroy us if that comes on the air,” Shannon rambled to them, visibly upset.

Shannon Beador confronted the production crew to explain that she will absolutely not “destroy” her relationship by discussing a secret. (Bravo)

“If they’re gonna start talking about my relationship, that’s not OK,” Shannon asserted.

“This is gonna destroy everything. We’re done. My relationship is over if this is on the air,” she added. Her voice was trembling.

We don’t know exactly what the secret is about. But we do know that Shannon is no longer with John, now, in July. And the timeline of when they filmed … we can’t rule out that the show played a role. Stay tuned, folks!